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The Amazing Voice-Over Community

For my short-baby-life career in voice acting I have come to the realization that voice actors and improv artist are a warm and welcoming bunch. I am constantly astonished by the way the top end voice actors carry themselves. They are absolute beasts when it comes to answering the forums and even email. Bob Bergen answers my questions before I can hit send or Steve Blum and his team putting together a great community and classes, but the main reason I thought of this subject was because of Joshua Alexander at

I started with his first book and in it he says email him if you want his weekly VO-todo template, so I did. He Instantly replied and sent the template with a smile(I Just assumed he was smiling, he seems smiley). Then I decided to order his bundle course deal that came with a Reaper training video, a VO Business video series and a bunch of documents for running a voice over business. Not only did he respond to all my questions that followed but he freely sent all his templates for Reaper. The man breathes business but not as much as he breathes fire into budding voice actors.

Now to my round about point for fellow starting voice talent. If you want to know if someone is a going to be a good teacher or mentor in this voice over business, just talk to them. People who care about the craft want others to care about the craft or to get out of voice over. They want to help you first, make sure you want this wonderful career before they ever start talking money. With the good teachers they want to see you develop your voice and become confident. Of course you have to pay them, they have to make a living (hopefully you and I can too...), But that's not their goal. They love what they do and you can feel that, so be cautious of those who only communicate with you when the a dollars down or become a ghost when you need some advice because voice over is a community, not a money grab.

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