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The Hunter Becomes The Hunted

Okay, right off the bat lets clear up the images of Aliens and Predators this title conjures up. This is a PG-ish blog about a voice actor working his way through the ranks and that means if you’re an active voice over artist you HUNT!! (...for jobs). This will be the case for the rest of my career, and I embrace it. Even the top tier voices must look for work, or find ways to generate work (i.e., podcast, advertisement, creative exposure etc...). This is the name of the game, but you don't have to be ruthless, in fact it seems like quite the opposite in the VO community. They all know there can only be one chosen for the role and if they don't get it, oh well, they probably already forgot they auditioned for the part.

But sometimes (well first time for me) fortune knocks on our door and someone looks for you! Wow, I didn't know this was a thing. Sure, that's what advertisement is for and all the social media postings but it actually working is something entirely different. It is pure validation in its raw form. To be hunted and chosen (not for a sacrifice or an animal’s meal) is an inspirational moment. No, it was not for some awesome game or high profile commercial but that does not matter a bit to me. What matters is some other human being recognizes my abilities enough to come to me directly. So, if it happens once, I have full confidence that it will happen many more times. I hope you don't miss out on your own little victories because that's the fuel to your dreams.

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