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Voice Acting is Marathon Running

My experience with voice acting has made me see this strong relation. Let me elaborate, you may try a small marathon for a good cause or maybe the challenge interest you. You figure you can run the few miles with no training. The day comes and you struggle through the marathon, you're surprised with its difficulty and the enjoyment! Realizing you're not as fit as you thought, you decide to get a gym membership. Also, you look online for groups of like minded people to train with. You search the internet and local papers looking for longer marathons. A few years go by and you have ran multiple marathons but you want more. Maybe you could do a triathlon? but can you swim? can you ride a bike? This time you realize how difficult this will be and find a trainer who has done this before because you know if you did this with out guidance you could ruin your own chances at success.

I hope you follow the parallel that could be drawn from this.The only point I'am trying to make is this: If your serious about your pursuit; the road is clear and the help you need is obvious, so enjoy the process and keep training for the long haul!

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